Satellites transmit information with radio frequency (RF) bands. The frequency bands most used for satellite communications are C & KU band. C band being a lower frequency, it is less susceptible to weather interference and require a larger antenna.

Modern satellites are designed to operate as hybrid spacecraft that operate with C or KU frequencies.

Peak Uplink C-Band

Peak Uplink has 10 fully redundant hybrid digital C band trucks. Hybrid refers to the option that these trucks can transmit C Band or KU band.

Trucks 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 are capable of transmitting multiple digital C band carriers, as well as digital KU. All our trucks are built fully redundant with 2 of every major component to allow us to overcome any obstacle that may present itself.


The most popular type of satellite transmission for uplinking and downlinking. Ku-band operates on a higher frequency than C-band transmissions and requires smaller antennas.

Peak Uplink Ku-Band

12 of our 13 SNG trucks can provide digital KU band transmission. Every truck is completely redundant to include duplicate of every major component.

Every truck has complete IFB, PL, editing equipment and generators on board that allow us to operate as a production facility on wheels. We have done uplinks from Seattle, Washington to Miami, Florida and have not come across a snow storm or hurricane that could keep us off the air.

High Definition

The Television industry is providing programming in High Definition Television (HDTV). HDTV is considered a superior TV product for two reasons. First, it increases the number of scan lines on the screen for better detail and clarity. And second, it offers a wider picture that more resembles a movie theater screen in which many feature films were intended to be shown.

Applying these two lines of thought to live sporting events in HDTV allows the viewer at home a “front row seat” experience to sporting events in their own living room.

Peak Uplink High Definition

We build our trucks on the premise of a traditional SNG truck to include all test and measurement equipment and complete redundancy that you would find in an SNG. Additionally, we add state of the art HD test and measurement including MPEG Bit Stream Analyzers, HD Monitors, Audio Digital – Analog conversion, Audio Analog – Digital conversion, AES audio monitoring and metering.

We also have an HD DSS receiver on board for HD confidence return. All of our HDTV gear is completely redundant. When it comes to functionality and engineering we have the best of both worlds in our HDTV SNG.

ENG Photography

We can be your complete turnkey provider for SNG services with ENG photography.

Our crews have provided ENG services coast to coast for ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ESPN, CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox News Channel, CBS, Travelocity, and The Weather Channel. Coupled with our ENG services we can also provide complete multiple camera shoots for webcasting, satellite media tours, tele-conferences, and medical surgeries.